RockinBlues Kings

Absolutedolls Where Blacktop Meets


This fantastic seal bi-color is another purr baby, never stops. Great eye color, huge boy with a real nice head.  He received 9 finals at his first and only kitten show. Thank you Pat Andrews for such a handsome boy. 

USAPurrs Livin’ On The Edge

Tyler is a blue, color-point boy with 100% traditional lines. Tyler is a sweet boy but doesn’t like getting his picture taken. He is all about his business and has matured very well. Thank you again, Pat Andrews.


RockinBlues Imagine


Let us introduce you to Lennon. He is our newest boy breed here at RockinBlues. He has a beautiful deep blue eye color and a wonderful personality. Thank you Paris and Fuzy.

HeartNSoul Blues Brother



Jake is a super sweet blue mitted boy, purfect coat and temperament.  Thank you Carolyn Font