RockinBlues Queens

RockinBlues Ask Me How I Know, aka Brooke

This is our newest keeper, clone of Paris. A wonderful and sweet blue bicolor girl that we are excited to see her beautiful babies at the end of this year.  Thank you Lulu and Lennon.

cat fancy

RW SGC RockinBlues Evening in Paris


This is the only girl we have from Dreama and Tyler. We are so proud of her appearance on the cover of the December 2009 issue of Cat Fancy magazine. We were very lucky to get to keep her, she is such a beautiful blue bi-color girl. Thank you, Dreama and Tyler!

CH RockinBlues Dixieland Delight


Dixie is a seal bi-color girl we at RockinBlues have kept. She has a true Ragdoll temperament, being supersweet and very laid-back and has an eye color that gets darker every day. She has already given us some beautiful babies, and we hope more are on the way. She’s a good mommy and can be a bit needy. I have to baby her while she babies her kids! Thank you, Dylan and Bama!

RockinBlues Dirty Diana


You’re going to love this beauty! Diana is a blue-mitted girl with a personality of her own! She likes being in the mix, but she also has a “touch me when I decide” “cat”titude. She’s also a great mommy with lovely crystal blue eyes, purfect ear set and 100 traditional lines. Thanks Crystal and Presley.

RockinBlues Linda Lu


This girl, LuLu, has been very sentimental to us. She also has extremely dark blue eyes and is very sweet. Happy to announce she is a happy mother. Thank you, Diana and Urban.

RockinBlues Just a Dream


This is another sweet girl who is blue bi-color and 100% traditional lines. She is Lennon’s litter mate. We’re looking forward to her babies in the future. Once again, thank you Paris and Fuzy!

girl crush

RockinBlues Little Big Town

"Girl Crush"

Girl Crush is a blue-mitted girl who has the cutest blaze! She’s a sweetheart, and we have high hopes for her at RockinBlues. Thank you, Jude and Tyler.


Adorablerags Hey Jude


Jude is a seal-mitted girl. She’s a big girl with a big “purr”sonality to match. She’s another sweet girl who is a great mommy. Thank you, Cynthia.