RockinBlues Queens

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RW SGC RockinBlues Evening in Paris



This is the only girl we have from Dreama and Tyler. We are so proud of her appearance on the cover of the December 2009 issue of Cat Fancy magazine. We were very lucky to get to keep her, she is such a beautiful blue bi-color girl. Thank you, Dreama and Tyler!

RockinBlues Ask Me How I Know


This is our newest keeper, clone of Paris. A wonderful and sweet blue bicolor girl that we are excited to see her beautiful babies at the end of this year.  Thank you Lulu and Lennon.


USAPurrs Quarantine Snacks


Snacks is a seal mitted girl with an hourglass blaze.  She was born during quarantine and thinks she’s going to starve to death!  She will take food out of your mouth if able to, she’s the SILLIEST cat I’ve ever seen, one word vocabulary, ME ME ME!  She knows no strangers.  She’s got the softest, non matting coat, beautiful eye color and the purrfect Ragdoll temperament.  Thanks Bri DeFoe!

CH RockinBlues Dixieland Delight


Dixie is a seal bi-color girl we at RockinBlues have kept. She has a true Ragdoll temperament, being supersweet and very laid-back and has an eye color that gets darker every day. She has already given us some beautiful babies, and we hope more are on the way. She’s a good mommy and can be a bit needy. I have to baby her while she babies her kids! Thank you, Dylan and Bama!

RockinBlues Linda Lu


This girl, LuLu, has been very sentimental to us. She also has extremely dark blue eyes and is very sweet. Happy to announce she is a happy mother. Thank you, Diana and Urban.


USAPurrs Delilah of RockinBlues


Delilah is a seal bicolor dream, she’s got it all.  Big girl, long and tall, excellent eye color, excellent temperament with humans and all the other cats and kittens, perfect non matting coat and a beyond excellent mother.  Delilah had 7 kittens with her first litter and never missed a beat.  I think Bri felt guilty about that crazy Snacks and had to make it up to me!  Thanks Bri DeFoe.

RockinBlues Rihanna



RiRi is a seal mitted girl without a blaze.  She is the only girl that we kept before retiring Daisy. She is a very sweet girl that will notice if you have a free hand that could be petting her!  Her eye color is getting darker, big girl, another non matting coat and we are looking forward to her having a litter later this year. Thanks Daisy and Jake!

RockinBlues Gold Dust Woman


Stevie is seal lynx mitted girl. She notices EVERYTHING and has no stop button.  She has a huge, poofy tail and the softest fur of all the crew. She has deep blue eyes and we’re anxiously watching her develop.  Thanks Jazzy and Urban.