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RW SGC RockinBlues Evening in Paris



This is the only girl we have from Dreama and Tyler. We are so proud of her appearance on the cover of the December 2009 issue of Cat Fancy magazine. We were very lucky to get to keep her, she is such a beautiful blue bi-color girl. Thank you, Dreama and Tyler!

RockinBlues Ask Me How I Know


This is our newest keeper, clone of Paris. A wonderful and sweet blue bicolor girl that we are excited to see her beautiful babies at the end of this year.  Thank you Lulu and Lennon.

CH RockinBlues Dixieland Delight


Dixie is a seal bi-color girl we at RockinBlues have kept. She has a true Ragdoll temperament, being supersweet and very laid-back and has an eye color that gets darker every day. She has already given us some beautiful babies, and we hope more are on the way. She’s a good mommy and can be a bit needy. I have to baby her while she babies her kids! Thank you, Dylan and Bama!


USAPurrs Delilah of RockinBlues


Delilah is a seal bicolor dream, she’s got it all.  Big girl, long and tall, excellent eye color, excellent temperament with humans and all the other cats and kittens, perfect non matting coat and a beyond excellent mother.  Delilah had 7 kittens with her first litter and never missed a beat.  I think Bri felt guilty about that crazy Snacks and had to make it up to me!  Thanks Bri DeFoe.

USAPurrs Princess Leia of RockinBlues


USAPurrs Princess Leia of RockinBlues


We have a new blue bicolor girl!  She is so sweet and we can’t wait to see what her and Ben E give us, a gorgeous litter of blue traditional kittens❤️. Thanks again Bri!

RockinBlues Hole In The Bottle 

We have decided to keep this girl from Brooke and Ben E.  Great pursonality and growing fast, gorgeous eyes (when she’s not squinting).